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Resume Mastery for Professional Writers

I teach resume writers and job seekers how to create powerful, authentic resumes that prove their value, elevate their reputations and help them get paid what they’re worth.

Start a new career in resume writing.

Resume Mastery for the Pros is an online training course for professional resume writers who want to take the next step in their careers. I wrote this course in 2007 and it has undergone numerous updates since those early days to become one of the most thorough, credible and enjoyable training courses for professional resume writers on the market today. And one of the few—or perhaps the only course offering you personalized attention.

Value for money

More than 500 hours of painstaking development went into my personally designed animated videos. 200+ hours were devoted to writing and producing PDFs for off-line reading, filing and ongoing review which allows all students to call on their learning whenever the need arises.

Self-paced yet supervised

It’s my unique service offering—one-on-one mentorship offered on the completion of each assignment, that makes this a truly personalized and value-packed experience. As your champion for success, my assignment reviews are supportive and detailed, ensuring your learning is reinforced and taken to the next level.

Representing clients in words can’t be taken lightly

I teach professional resume writers how to create powerful, authentic resumes that magnify their clients’ value, while elevating reputations and empowering them to follow their dreams. 

Resume Mastery training clears the path for professional or aspiring resume writers to represent clients skilfully—whether those clients are technically inclined, new graduates, or seasoned executives.

This fun, stimulating e-course includes insights, tips, quizzes and assignments in a progressive journey that takes you through the basics of resume writing to the more complex issues of career changers, return-to-work candidates, information gathering and more so that aspiring or professional resume writers can learn the tricks of the trade.

What’s in the course?

More than 120 videos, PDF downloads and more feature in this self-paced, comprehensive and fun course—with unique one-to-one mentoring with me on every assignment. I have your back—supporting you throughout the training. 

Training for Job Seekers

The Great Aussie Resume Ecourse

Learn how to create powerful, authentic resumes that magnify your value, elevate your reputation and empower you to follow your dreams.

With The Great Australian Resume video course, I’ll reveal all the tricks of the trade I’ve learned during my three-decade career as an accredited, award-winning Master Resume Writer.

Time is essential when the right job opens up. When an opportunity reveals itself, you can have your resume updated and ready to make the right impression in just one weekend. All you need is the capacity to play video, download a file, and get a little creative!

The Great Australian Résumé Course reveals…

  • Resume formatting tips to make you stand out in a crowd
  • How to edit and position information for maximum impact
  • Templates you can download to help you get started
  • How to spotlight your stand-out qualities using Challenge, Action and Results
  • Tricks master storytellers use for sharing your story in a powerful way… and much more.

No matter what your dream job is, or where you are in your career, this unique self-training course presented for Australian jobseekers will work for you.

I’ve taught other professional writers using this same process and helped more than 11,000 people over the years—some who are searching for the job of their dreams, some who are making that courageous journey to a new land—and ALL who want to put their best foot forward.

And I’m sharing the best of what works with you to give your resume the renovation it needs right now.