Resume Writing

Be bold, be authentic, be audacious.
It’s time.

Careers are different now; so are resumes

Careers are different for executives today. A job for life and the gold watch at retirement are memories of a gentler age. Today, swift career transitions, redundancies, industry changes and turnkey consultancy assignments have become the status quo.

Executives find themselves in a different world; a world that demands flexibility, new ideas and established networks of influential movers and shakers. A world where executive hires are ‘Googled’ long before the interview, where ‘digital dirt’ can be found from blogs to Facebook, Twitter, and beyond, and where qualified candidates can be sourced from a global pool of talent.,

Are you ready to enter this brave new world where technology and people collide?

I can help.

For more than thirty years I have partnered with senior executives, executive-level consultants, senior professionals and emerging leaders to communicate their unique promise of value. The resumes I create speak directly to the hiring wish-lists of the corporate world and position you as the only candidate worth considering.

  • It’s time to get in the race.
  • It’s time to be competitive.
  • Be bold, be authentic. Be audacious.

There are several resume development programs to choose from and multi-level career marketing campaigns complete with resume, biography, coaching and web resume portfolios.

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The tools you need…for the success you deserve

In today’s world, hordes of professionals scramble for recognition to gain a competitive advantage and get interviews. Do you wonder how everyone from the tea lady to the CEO knows one of your colleagues? Do you wonder how that same person has managed to build his or her reputation and get on the fast track to success? In a word, it’s called “insight”.

Some people just do it naturally. They know who they are, they’re comfortable with how they are perceived, and they leverage those strengths to network and achieve their goals.

Then, there are the rest of us who watch it happen. Maybe we’ve been working too hard to take the time to notice. Perhaps we don’t know what we’re looking for.

Whatever it is, you need that insight now to make the best of what you have to:

  • Elevate your profile through a job search campaign with all the right tools
  • Get seen by people who can influence your career through LinkedIn profiles and web portfolios
  • Build a reputation by going into the job search with no emotional baggage to weigh you down
  • Start making interviews happen in a big way with the right resume for the right job

It’s an easy equation

Next-generation resume
+ LinkedIn profile
+ interview coaching
+ confidence
= The best you can be

Knowing yourself inside and out through my forensic questioning during resume development will help you make the right career decisions, navigate your path with confidence, and leverage opportunities through the power of “you”.

One thing is for sure; getting to know your skills and strengths will be a revelation and one of the best investments you will make. 

Your job search is a journey of self-discovery.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Nothing worthwhile ever does. It’s a time of fun mixed with hard work. And it’s worth it, because it’s about you. 

We offer many packages to meet your budget and job search needs. You can take them as a standalone journey of self discovery such as our basic resume and cover letter package or you can go all out with a multi-pronged job search campaign to create the most bold, authentic, audacious career marketing portfolio that will leave your competitors in the dust.

Your Choice.

Be bold, be authentic, be audacious. It’s time.

Are you ready?

Unleash your potential with a personal career marketing campaign backed by a branding strategy that defines you. Choose a resume writing package and we’ll get started.