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Multiple resume versions, a LinkedIn profile, executive biography and enote.

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We offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S. A skilled delivery team will bring the boxes into your office.

We offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S. A skilled delivery team will bring the boxes into your office.



  • Personal Branded Résumé™. Full development including forensic questioning, writing and ruthless editing that pares info into a strategic, precise essential message
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation or Revamp: This is the way to be found and to search for employment. Bold, brief, branded LinkedIn profile to build chemistry and desire. Includes development of branded value proposition, engaging entry, brand attributes and LinkedIn tagline. This is today’s #1 job seeker’s tool to connect with others, tap into the hidden job market (where 85% of jobs are found) and be headhunted by recruiters and job search consultants.
  • E-Note: Next-generation cover letter pared down to the absolute essentials. Pure value. Can be read in fewer than 60 seconds and does not extend beyond the first screen. Employer-centred, bold and brief.
  • Return-on-Investment Cover Letter covers special circumstances for when you have an extended story to tell that the resume just can’t explain. Great for career changers, migrants, work gaps, or any other special situation where you need to build a compelling case for hire. With the crazy volumes of work handled by recruiters and decision makers, cover letters are read less and less—and yet, interviews can be lost when a decision-maker is left wondering. “The applicant lives in London, why is she applying for this job in Australia?” “What’s that two-year gap a couple of years ago?” Don’t allow decision-makers to imagine the worst or create a scenario that doesn’t fit your circumstance. The longer-style cover letter is crucial to set the record straight.
  • Birds-eye-view One-Page Resume. One powerful page of essential branding, work history, impact and accomplishments. Meets the “just bottom-line it for me!” needs of busy executives and networking contacts.
  • Mobile / ATS Resume: Your resume adapted for viewing on a mobile screen. Clear, readable and minimalist design is perfect for small screens. (The format being plain, is also suitable for transitioning through ATS)
  • Executive biography: One-page networking tool that presents the human behind the job title, skills and experience. Whereas the resume is written specifically to match an employer’s needs, the biography is all about you. Depending on the situation and where you intend to use it, the bio can include amusing anecdotes, your photo, testimonial extracts and career stories that sell your background, metrics and measurable achievements. Bios can be used for company websites, company brochures, annual and Board reports, and even for speaking engagement advertising.
  • Document formats: Word (email), PDF (printing)
  • Lifetime electronic storage. Free access to resume files; sent via email without charge upon receipt of request.
  • Three-year access to special update pricing. Return to Top Margin anytime in the next three years and you will enjoy update pricing at a fraction of the original fee.