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Your package inclusions:

  • All resumes include resume development and design from information worksheets. Depending upon the package you chose, other inclusions may be different versions of the resume for Presentation,  Smart Device/Applicant Tracking Systems, and Networking (one-Page resume). Services may also include cover letter, executive biography, and LinkedIn profile template.


  • Sign up and pay either deposit or full payment. (If you have paid a deposit of 50% then the second 50% becomes due and payable upon the receipt of the worksheets prior to writing)
  • Send your existing resume to Gayle at [email protected]
  • Complete worksheets 1-13 online. Password melbournetrams. Click here to go there now.
  • Advise Gayle [email protected] that you have completed the worksheets.
  • Review resume when sent to you and return changes/tweaks to Gayle. Read the PDF review guide on what to do before your review.
  • Review the second and final version of the resume to ensure your changes have been made to maximise your strengths.
  • Sign off the resume.
  • Review all additional documents (if they form part of your purchased package) and second drafts as above.
  • Project complete.
  • Complete your LinkedIn profile at your leisure.

How long this takes.

Most packages are complete in around 3 weeks to a month. Most of this time is waiting for you to complete your information gatherer worksheets. As we cannot make a move until all worksheets are complete, we can’t hold a time or a date for you. So we schedule when they’re received.

To give you an idea of time however, we start writing two weeks after receipt of your worksheets and it typically takes around 2 to 3 days to write the resume.

The additional documents and LinkedIn follow after the resume has been signed off to ensure that we’re not repeating errors throughout all documents. These typically take a week.

Here’s an example of a typical project.

  • Client signs up and gets started on the information gatherer worksheets. Completes all worksheets in 7 days (this would average around an hour a day, give or take).
  • 14 to 17 days after completion of the worksheets the client receives the first draft for review. Most clients request a second draft and make a few changes. These are typically done and returned within 24 hours. Client signs off a few hours later.
  • Rest of documents are presented within a week.
  • A couple of days after, all is complete.